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Your Future in Behavioral Intervention in Autism: BCBA Coursework Preparation Starts Here
Currently, there is a critical shortage of skilled early intervention professionals worldwide. To fill this need, and to assure that these professionals have acquired the most relevant skills, the Behavior Analysis Certification Board® (BACB) has carefully established rigorous guidelines for becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA). Having this credential has become the standard for early behavioral intervention specialists.

UMass Lowell's award-winning Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate Program has been designed to provide the core knowledge required for Board Certified Behavior Analysts. In fact, the 6-course Autism Certificate program has been updated to conform with the BACB's new task-list standards. It has been fully approved by the BACB to fulfill the specific coursework requirements necessary to become eligible for taking the BCBA exam.

Students are not only prepared to take the BACB certification exam - they also attain the knowledge necessary for practica and field experiences using behavior analysis. UMass Lowell's online courses are highly interactive with lots of exercises, assessments, discussions, and feedback with plenty of opportunities for in-depth interaction with the instructors. Since 2005, over 600 students have completed UMass Lowell's program, have successfully passed the exam, and have found meaningful employment in a variety of agencies all over the world.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BACB Approved Program

Note: You do not have to be accepted into the certificate program prior to registering for your first course. However, students pursuing BACB certification need to apply for the certificate before taking their 3rd course.

Winner of the National Sloan-C Excellence Award for Outstanding Online Teaching & Learning Program
BACB Approved Course Sequence
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Coursework Requirements
Students wishing to pursue certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst through the BACB, must apply for and be accepted into the Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate Program and successfully complete the indicated coursework. In addition to the coursework requirements, BACB has other requirements to sit for their BCBA Certification Exam. Please check the BACB website regularly as their requirements change periodically.

For More Information
For more information on the Behavioral Intervention in Autism Certificate with BCBA Coursework Preparation, call 978-934-2240 or email AutismCertificate@uml.edu.

Curriculum Outline
- Required Courses: 6
Required Courses (6 / 18cr)
PSYC.5610 Introduction to Behavioral Intervention in Autism - Available Spring 2017!
PSYC.5620 Teaching and Positive Behavioral Support in Autism - Available Spring 2017!
PSYC.5650 Measurement and Experimental Design in Behavioral Intervention - Available Spring 2017!
PSYC.5660 Functional Analysis and Treatment of Challenging Behavior - Available Spring 2017!
PSYC.5680 Behavioral Intervention Program Models in Autism - Available Spring 2017!
PSYC.5720 Legal and Ethical Issues in Professional Practice - Available Spring 2017!
Applicants will have to meet additional BACB requirements to qualify to take the BACB Certification Exam. For the most current information about BACB certification requirements, please visit http://www.bacb.com

Note that PSYC.5610 is a prerequisite or co-requisite for PSYC.5620 and PSYC.5650; PSYC.5620 is a prerequisite for PSYC.5660 and PSYC.5680; PSYC.5650 or 5660 is a prerequisite for PSYC.5720. The recommended sequence is PSYC.5610 and PSYC.5620 together in one semester, followed by PSYC.5650 and PSYC.5660, and finishing with PSYC.5680 and PSYC.572

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試験科目:Board Certified Behavior Analyst


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